Custom bulk syntheses of organic compounds

These are 1-10-steps syntheses involving such reactions as substitutions, additions, eliminations, oxidations, reductions, Grignard syntheses, esterifications, diazotations, condensations and other synthetic reactions.

  • the amount of the product: 100 g - 10 kg; also other amounts are available, as per the request
  • single batch volume from 1 to 100 L
  • temperature range applicable from -20 °C to +150 °C
  • maximum torque of the chuck: 16 Nm
  • compression reactions in stainless autoclave with anchor agitator and teflon padding

We conduct syntheses of known and also yet undocumented substances, according to the literature or regulations provided, including the final characterization. Absolute confidentiality of all the exchanged information is a matter of course; the order may also include elaboration of the process documentation/manufacturing technology. We do not produce carcinogenous, mutagenous or teratogenous products

Extraction of vegetative materials, thickening of extracts and isolation of natural substances

We offer extractions of supplied vegetative materials with organic solvents or water at the room or slightly increased temperature, including carrying out of all the necessary pre-operations, such as drying or milling the plant material, as per the customer's request. Next objective may be separation of the extract in individual constituents, or isolation of the majority component and their characterization. We also offer sensitive thickening of the extracts obtained at decreased pressure, to the required dry matter content. We can also carry out comparison of different extraction procedures. Typical extractable materials are: leaves, bark, blossoms, fruits, roots, seeds, and similar.

  • The extractable quantity ranges between 1 kg - 100 kg of the vegetative material

Final crystallization, R & D of polymorphs

We also provide final crystallizations of pure and highly pure solid substances for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food-processing and other purposes which do not require GMP (e.g. for Phase I of clinical trials). Your order may also contain development and/or scale-up of the final purifying step, associated with preparation of a specific polymorph for potential further patent protection, not to affect the patent protection of the already existing polymorphs. Within the crystallization, such pre-operations as drying, milling, chromatography or decolourizing with active charcoal can be carried out, as the customer desires. The product is submitted together with complete analytical documentation, including the melting point, content of residual solvents (loss through drying), or optical rotation and other indicators, as the customer might request. Regeneration of expensive solvents is feasible. We do not work with carcinogenous, mutagenous or teratogenous compounds.

  • The workable quantity ranges between 100 g - 100 kg of raw substance.

R & D outsourcing as per the customer's request

The scope of care for our R&D outsourcing is governed by individual needs of the customer. Our research capacities cover a broad sphere of natural compounds with biological activity, combined with analytical background of GC-MS (EI), LC-MS (ESI, APCI), HPLC, and our long-term practice.

Engineering of chemical syntheses & processes

We offer consultations and engineering of chemical syntheses and process in the area of organic chemistry in a semi-operating up to fully operating module. We have rich experiences mainly in the scale-up of laboratory directions up to semi-operating scale, with subsequent industrial utilization.

* All business relations are governed by our General Trade Conditions.